Friday, March 25, 2011

Maybe I should have started a blog at a time when I had many projects going on to document.  I have a lot in waiting, but this past week, we had to flea bomb the house (damn cat!), and I just haven't been willing to give up my siesta in order to sand a table.
On a happy not, I did get a new sewing machine for my birthday! And for my first ever project, I converted a pair of Forrest's jeans into shorts, and they look awesome (considering).

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hubby's Night Stand

Okay, so it's not actually by his bed yet. But believe me you, when it gets there, you'd better watch out!
It won't just knock your socks off, it will darn the holes in the toes.

Again, no before picture, but just imagine it medium brownish and boring.

Until I got my paws on it!
It's funny because this is actually, despite what I said before, the very first piece I did. And I, in my naivete, thought that a 3 pack of brushes from the dollar store would do the trick for paint application.
Turns out you actually get what you pay for when it comes to brushes.

As you can see in the photo below, the nightstand is what one might call very "textured'. Though i don't attribute this to just the sub-standard brushes. I must give partial credit to the half used gallon of primer I got from some one on Freecycle. Let's just say, it was "aged" to difficult to manage thickness.

 But regardless, I actually like the texture. If any one asks, I did it on purpose. I even kept the matured primer in case I feel the need to schmear in the future.

The table reminds me of blue jeans.
I have yet to line the drawer, but I will when I get off my ass some pretty paper.

I promise to start photographing the entire process instead of just the gorgeous end result. I'm assuming that I'm not the only on who loves before/after photos.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Jewelry Organizer

I wish I would have thought to take some before photos of this, but little did I know a couple weeks ago, I would soon start a blog. Just imagine this....

A baby blue and white checkered box from Salvation Army, an old charcoal drawing, some champagne corks, and lots of paint, glaze and mod podge...

Put baby down for nap.

Mix together thoroughly and with great patience.

This is what you get!

Kind of funky....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

 Hi everybody....
Well, this is my new blog. An effort to document my renovations and hopefully make people want to buy things from me.

So, here is my first project, a wooden coffee table given to my by my friend Leah, who found it on the side of the road, destined for the dump (or some other scavenger's garage).
Fortunately for me, Leah never got around to refinishing this baby...
But I, driven by the fact that it was taking up all sorts of room in our already quite furnished apartment, did.

 Here you see the before. Almost. I forgot to take a photo before I sanded the top. You get the idea.

Here she is fully sanded. Kind of looks cool that way, but I had other things in mind.

Like this!

Yes, I am proud of myself.
It sold with in 2 hours of being posted on Craigslist.